Static Systems’ Fusion Healthcare Platform: keeping patients safe and empowering care teams

An ageing population, budget constraints and rising patient expectations are challenges that healthcare professionals are all too familiar with. For some time now, Static Systems’ Fusion Healthcare Platform has been helping to address these challenges, saving time and maximising efficiencies for care teams, improving safety for patients and providing greater support for engineering teams.

Many of the numerous benefits the Fusion Healthcare Platform delivers can be attributed to its fully ‘open’ architecture, using standard protocols to seamlessly integrate nurse call, medical devices and sensor technologies with best-in-class systems and solutions – such as Vocera, VoIP and IP DECT telephony, smart phones and tablets, RTLS systems, EPR/EMR, CCTV and access control.

Without the associated down time usually taken up by locating colleagues, clinical workflow can be easily and dynamically managed from the patient bedside, nurse base or while on the move.

Workflow and task management can be further enriched to provide even greater efficiencies by combining systems and facilities such as speech, bed status, call rounding, data management, EPR/EMR and integrated messaging.

Notifications are automatically sent directly to the relevant members of staff, reducing alarm fatigue. All tasks and responses are logged, and analytical reports are provided for evaluation.

The future-proof Fusion Healthcare Platform is designed to work with nurse call systems provided by other suppliers, as well as Static Systems’ products, and can provide a cost-effective upgrade path to incorporate collaborative task management to an existing nurse call system.

Fusion can also deliver remote administration and WAN connectivity, among many other features.




PR Contact:       Catherine Scotcher



SSG Contact:      Jennifer Terry - Marketing Manager

Telephone:        01902 895 551

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