Fencing off stigma
Security is key for mental health environments, but this doesn’t mean they have to look institutional and threatening.
Making an impact
Exploring how modern wall protection products are helping to improve health and care environments as well as reducing maintenance costs.
Cleaning up!
Exploring how modern floor-cleaning equipment is helping to improve hygiene levels in healthcare facilities.
Carbon reduction
Heading: Easy wins could make NHS leader in climate change.
Offsite construction - Modular buildings – asset or liability in public healthca
A new survey has revealed the reasons why healthcare organisations may favour, or avoid, using modular construction methods.
The final curtain
Disposable hospital privacy curtains are providing more than just a barrier to the spread of infections.
Refurbishment solutions for healthcare estates
Paul Gouland of Clugston Construction reveals why demolishing existing facilities and constructing new buildings is not always a feasible solution to provide modern healthcare environments
Finding your way
Exploring how modern signage solutions are helping to overcome navigational problems in large hospitals.
A first line of defence against bugs
How surface material and disinfection is crucial to curbing the spread of infection,