Getting the right light for every procedure with the Dräger Polaris® 600

The Dräger Polaris® 600 makes your working day a lot easier – with intuitive controls and versatile configuration options.

The appropriate light is available for every surgical field, depending on the tissue structure, individual perception or surgical application. You can switch between four modes: from warm white to cold white (3800, 4400, 5000 and 5600 Kelvin), in order to help you focus and reduce fatigue & glare during longer procedures. 

Upgrading with a high quality HD camera is possible at any time. The camera automatically adjusts to the current light conditions. Moreover, the 120x zoom delivers razor-sharp images.

The handle with Sterile Touch Control enables you to be independent from non-sterile personnel, allowing you to easily control your OR light on your own. The entire OR team benefits from the intuitive controls of the touch technology on the light head. The touch-sensitive light control panel allows non-sterile personnel to take over operation of the Polaris® 600 without interfering with the light’s positioning. For ease of access, the Polaris® 600 can also be operated via the wall panel.

Regardless of the surgical team’s positioning, the Polaris 600® sheds light on all important details of the surgical site without creating troublesome shadows and surgical distractions.

The future-proof design of the system remains true to the philosophy of the product family - providing you with simply good light. Find out more here.

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