Forbo Flooring Systems’ has launched a new product collection, Fast Fit, which encompasses a range of its adhesive free flooring solutions, all developed to reduce downtime by up to 2.5 days, based on a 100m2 installation.


The new Fast Fit collection consists of Forbo’s genuinely loose lay solutions, including its entrance flooring system Coral Click, its luxury vinyl tile collections Allura Puzzle, Allura Click and Allura Colour Plus, as well as its vinyl sheet range Modul’up. Each range has been chosen carefully based on its application, to ensure Fast Fit offers an array of products that are fit for purpose, when it comes to refurbishing an interior.    


As all of the products within the Fast Fit collection require no adhesive, there is less dust and mess during the installation and end users will not be exposed to aromatics and VOCs usually associated with adhesives. What’s more, the floor is ready for use immediately after installation. 


Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: “Although choosing Fast Fit products may appear slightly more expensive than standard floor coverings initially, when the reduction in downtime is considered, a Fast Fit product can enable significant savings to be made (over 60% of downtime can be saved). In fact, Fast Fit is perfect for healthcare and educational environments where minimal disruption is essential, and for the retail sector where refurbishments need to take place during the evening, so the shop can re-open the next day for customers.”


What’s more, Fast Fit products are easy to remove and recycle at the end of their life as no adhesive residue is left on the back of the material, and the subfloor is left clean and sound ready for a repeat installation.


Fast Fit is a proven technology, with over one million square metres installed around the world. To learn more about the collection, please visit

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