Forbo Flooring Systems’ Fast Fit collection comprises an array of adhesive free products, including entrance matting and interior flooring ranges in sheet, tile and plank formats for maximum flexibility. Providing a rapid and reusable solution, products have been designed to be installed quickly and easily and with minimal downtime - crucial in 24-hour healthcare environments, where disruption and closures are not an option. 

Fast Fit floor coverings can be laid straight down onto the subfloor, often with little preparation, or even over an existing floor, which can reduce installation time by over 50%. This means that work can be carried out overnight or even whilst the building is still in use. With no adhesive application or drying times, the area being fitted is only out of action for a minimal amount of time and once complete, the floor is ready to be walked on immediately, mobility aids and trollies can be rolled over the surface and furniture can be put back in its original place straight away.

As the installation is free from adhesives, this results in less dust and mess and eliminates lingering odours in the environment, contributing positively to the wellbeing of staff and patients. What’s more, as concerns over infection control remain in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals may be hesitant to have tradespeople on site for too long, however, with adhesive free products, flooring contractors can be in and out safely and efficiently.

The comprehensive Forbo Fast Fit collection includes Coral Click, an ‘off-the-shelf’ modular entrance matting system, Colorex EC Plus for reducing threat of electrical contamination within laboratories and cleanrooms, as well as its award-winning adhesive free sheet vinyl: Modul’up.

For more information please visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/fastfit 

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