Crown Sports Lockers add new dimension to infection control

Bespoke locker manufacturer Crown Sports Lockers is bringing intrinsically hygienic storage solutions for staff working in healthcare settings.

Under the `Stay Clean, Stay Safe` banner, Crown can supply lockers fabricated from 18mm EcoPlastic recycled white PVC board, independently tested to ISO standards, which eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria.

Targeting staff rooms in hospitals, care homes and other care settings, `Stay Clean, Stay Safe` solutions include integrated Biomaster inorganic, non-leaching technology that will never wear off, remaining permanently active to provide antibacterial and antiviral protection throughout lifetime of use.

Made in Britain manufacturer Crown’s hygienic range offers a smarter, safer, flexible solution for applications in hygiene-sensitive environments. Curves, profiles and right angles are all possible without compromising the board’s surface integrity. Angled locker tops also ease cleaning and ensure unwanted build-up of objects.

Homogeneous, with a closed cell PVC foam core and solid PVC surface, the board is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and non-porous.

With similar characteristics, density and weight to MDF, the board is processed using the same techniques - machined, cut CNCd, routed, profiled and edged identically to MDF.

Unlike MDF however, the board is 100% waterproof, offers zero swelling and 2.5 times the screw retention, making it fully suited to tough, healthcare environments, the front edges are finished with a 2mm ABS edging.

Presented with a smooth surface, the board prevents bacteria proliferating, research proved. Today’s more frequent and intense sanitising regimes demand materials that can withstand rigorous daily cleaning and heavy-duty usage without any rise in risk of contamination from pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli, legionella, listeria, and salmonella.

Locker doors can be fabricated from matching 18mm EcoPlastic recycled white PVC board, high-pressure laminate faced board and melamine face board edged all round with 2mm ABS edging, and compact grade laminate board.

Crown who are FSC-certified say the locker carcasses can also be recycled by the board manufacture at end of life.

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