January 2020

supplier focus healthcar e dm.co.uk ADVERTISERS INDEX Company name Page Company name Page Company name Page Arm 23 BeaconMedaes 36 Between Glass Blinds 13 Britplas 38 Check It 13 Courtney Thorne 38 Danfloor 13 Delabie 47 Forbo Flooring 41 Futurebuild 44 hb forum IFC Horne 36 Howorth 23 Medicare 9 Pinpoint 20 Screwfix 31 Vanguard 6,15 Wardray Premise 9 Yeoman Shield 18 Zip Water 26,27 The new personal nurse call button from Pinpoint The new WristPIT from Pinpoint is a bespoke personal infrared patient call transmitter designed to be worn on the wrist. Enabling patients to activate a call even if they are away from their bed or a fixed call point; the device is water resistant and incorporates antimicrobial product protection. It is also recessed and surrounded by a bump guard to prevent false alarms; and is backward compatible and easily integrated into existing Pinpoint Systems. A green LED indicates the WristPIT is ‘activated’ with good battery level and it has been designed to withstand harsh environments and user tampering, meaning it is suitable for mental health units.. www.pinpointlimited.com New textile diffuser panels improve interior climate New from KE Fibertec is a textile diffuser for suspended ceiling systems. The FBS panels have been developed to provide draught-free air distribution for suspended ceilings and a better alternative solution to the normal ceiling grilles which generate draughts and accumulate dust. The system operates at a lower pressure than that of standard ceiling diffusers thus optimising energy efficiency; and fresh air is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the panel, resulting in a healthy indoor environment without draughts. Materials can also be specified in standard colours of white or light grey to blend with the ceiling finish or in a range of special colours to make a statement. www.ke-fibertec.co.uk New enclosures for Aspire SmartSync Static Systems Group has introduced new and improved enclosures for its Aspire SmartSync wireless nurse call solution. These incorporate a back mounting plate which fixes directly to the wall, while the front plate simply slides and snaps into a locked position. And they can be easily taken apart to access batteries, saving time during installation and making maintenance easier. The aesthetically-pleasing design of the SmartFit enclosures mirrors that of the Aspire SmartSync patient hand unit and uses components similar to wired systems in order to provide familiarity in operation and functionality for both staff and patients. www.staticsystems.co.uk